11 Smart Ideas for Utilizing the Utility Room

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Divesanddollar – If you have a utility room, that’s a good opportunity! This is the most complicated workspace in your home. Show your laundry room with efficient storage, neatly arranged, and with beautiful decorative touches so that you will feel at home lingering in the room. If you intend to overhaul it, you should consider the following steps.

1. Style and function
Want to highlight the function of a stylish laundry room? Do not need too much cost, consider attractive and practical material. Countertop from hardwood material can brighten this space, plus a sink that makes your work easier.

Want a more modern design? Try a hardwood alloy material on the countertop and an aluminum pull-down cabinet door.

2. All hanging
Create a spacious utility room with high ceilings and place a hanging clothes rack.

The use of a pull-down hanging rack is also a creative solution that can maximize the function of this utility room to dry clothes.

3. Space saving rack solutions
In narrow utility spaces with standard ceiling heights, folding hangers attached to the wall to dry clothes can be a great alternative to traditional ceiling designs. Additional heaters are also a good solution, helping to dry clothes more quickly and efficiently.

This is another alternative to maximize narrow space! Hiding the pull-out hanger rack in the drawer is also a smart idea to keep the laundry room clean and tidy.

You can still create a narrow, stylish laundry room with another alternative in the form of a pull-out accordion model. You can fold it at any time if it’s not used.

4. Hook-hook
If you have run out of cabinet and shelf ideas, consider adding a few simple hooks. This hook is attached to the top of the wall, giving you the choice of hanging bags, aprons, towels, and so on.

5. Display dark
Bored with bright colors and want to be different? Consider darker colors, such as elegant navy blue that creates a modern country look, especially when paired with taps and unique brass hardware.

6. Zone limits
If your utility space borders the kitchen or another room, use wallpaper, panels or paint to limit the zone.

7. Multifunctional ideas
Do you want to combine work and laundry space? Try this idea! You can even add two chairs that allow you to sit for a moment while waiting for the washing job to finish.

8. Love details
This is an opportunity to experiment with style, color and accessories. The use of 3D wallpapers gives the impression of life as many butterflies fly in this room. Note the unique blend of patterns from the cabinet floor and cabinet. Unique, isn’t it?

9. Display area
Although hidden storage is ideal for cleaning equipment and products, open shelves help you exhibit beautiful items, such as ceramics, vases and baskets.

If you want to be more practical and simple, use an outboard shelf to display your belongings.

10. Practical storage space
Practical storage is one of the most important aspects of the utility room. If you plan the space from the beginning, you should make a storage cabinet that can accommodate several items such as vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops, iron tables, and so on.

11. Don’t forget about the cabinet
Use the nice decorative details on the cabinet so that your laundry room still looks new and stylish. Now, what is the utility space of your dreams?

So, are you ready to renovate your utility room? Start looking for your chosen interior designer here.